You are currently viewing Everything You Need to Know About Under Eye Filler for Dark Circles

Everything You Need to Know About Under Eye Filler for Dark Circles

Everything You Need to Know About Under Eye Filler for Dark Circles

You’ve tried every concealer under the sun. Yeah, also Radiant Creamy Concealer and Form Tape. You’ve got empty eye cream jars filling your cabinet with medication. You may have even seen a doctor or two. However, no matter how much sleep you get or how much water you drink, the dark circles are still there. The sad, cold truth is, they’re probably still going to be there. You see, dark circles are mainly hereditary. They have more to do with the makeup of your skin than with your coffee intake and the way light bounces off your orbital bone.

You might try one treatment to minimize the presence of the dark circles. Women have turned to plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists over the past few years to have hyaluronic acid fillers inserted under their eyes. You can think: wait, I don’t want an under-eye puffer! Why would I have done this?


“The number one reason I see dark circles under the eyes is because of volume loss in the tear trough,” says Afsha Haji, director of cosmetic and laser dermatology at Bliss Skin Clinic in Bandra, Mumbai City.

We asked Dr. Afsha Haji to share her experience, she says she has treated many women all of whom complained of constant dark under-eye circles, and all preferred being given a filler boost.

It turns out, all you need to pull the fragile skin up and away from the blood vessels under your eyes is a thin layer of expertly applied hyaluronic acid gel. Though you’ll look a little swollen and bruised for a day or two, pretty soon your eye area will appear significantly clearer. “At a certain point we know no amount of cover-up is going to cover-up a hollow. It’s really freeing to know that you can go to the gym, go to yoga, and not have to put cover-up on,” says Dr. Afsha best dermatologist in Bandra, Mumbai.


Depending on how easily you metabolize it and the amount of filler used, the hyaluronic acid gel can last anywhere from six months and just over a year (Restylane, Restylane Lift, Juvederm, etc.). Over time, the gel dissolves slowly. If, for some reason, you want to remove the filler quickly after the treatment, you might ask our doctor about hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down fillers with hyaluronic acid.

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