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Derma-fillers will enable you to fight all the adverse effects of ageing if age is noted in the form of wrinkles and loss of facial volume. In order to recreate the smooth contours of younger skin, dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are very common, fast injectable treatments that can soften facial wrinkles, lines and fill out hollows. Those seeking a simple, non-surgical solution for ageing skin that has lost volume as the collagen that previously helped form and sustain has disappeared are looking for fillers.


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There is a need for a formal structure and a holistic understanding of the methodological approach to decide how the dermal filler will produce the best result.

Any unique face rejuvenation treatment and skincare plan have to consider:

Skin elasticity and skin strength: The process of skin ageing leads to lose and thinning skin.

Volume: To retain the shape and support of the face, certain parts of the face need more padding.

‘Clarity’ of surface texture and skin: It is multifactorial itself to create a more consistent complexion.

Dynamics of facial expression: Not the only component of anti-wrinkle therapies is the excessive movement of frown lines. There are a myriad of minor treatments, such as the ‘gummy grin’ and down-turning of the mouth corners, that can minimize unnecessary signals.


Using modern methods and advanced technology, all these items can be done. Although the approach to assessing each patient is always the same, the outcomes will always be different and the treatment plan will therefore be different. Both of them are the result of creating an initial understanding.


Results that you can expect from Dermal Filler Treatment

Initial results will be visible immediately, but optimal results will appear about two weeks after the treatment.After the initial treatment, follow-up sessions are usually recommended every six to twelve months, depending on the treatment and the patient.


For how long will the results last ?

The period of the effects and benefits of dermal fillers depends on many factors, such as the form of filler used, the area of use, the patient’s age, lifestyle and skin quality.

There are long-lasting, yet temporary effects of the most common forms of Dermal Fillers.

For instance, on average, the effects of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers are expected to last approximately 6 to 12 months. Calcium hydroxylapatite fillers such as Radiesse are predicted to have longer-lasting effects, generally around one year, primarily used to treat thicker lines and folds.

Are there painful dermal fillers?

Treatments with Dermal Filler are typically not painful, although the amount of discomfort can vary depending on the region. Treatments are considered to be significantly more painful around the lip and nose region than in other regions. There is typically no downtime for dermal fillers: soon after they have undergone the treatment, most people are able to return to work or to their daily activities.

Are they healthy for dermal fillers? Are threats or side effects present?

When done by certified professionals, dermal filler procedures are usually a very healthy procedure. Allergic reactions are very rare and typically confined to the part of the body being treated. Any temporary side effects are expected to disappear after receiving the treatment within 2-3 days.


What areas can Dermal Fillers be used to treat?

To achieve multiple effects, Dermal Fillers can be applied to different areas. They are often used to improve the volume and size of lips: women often use this treatment method to reverse or postpone undesirable signs of ageing.

Do I need post-treatment downtime?

After lip plumping injections, there is no downtime required, but as you can experience some mild redness , swelling, tenderness, bruising, or scratching after treatment, you need to hold it in mind before a major event. These symptoms are totally natural and within a fortnight they should clear up.


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