Dental Scaling & Gum Disease in Bandra

Dental Scaling & Gum Disease Treatment in Bandra - Dr. Farhan Parkar at Bliss Dental Clinic

Moderate to serious gum disease suffering?

Stop the infection with this advanced deep cleaning procedure in its tracks.

One of the most common treatments for early to advanced periodontal disease is scaling and root-planing (SRP). This non-surgical technique is generally referred to as deep cleaning, and includes going below the gum line to eliminate plaque accumulation and facilitate healing.

Our periodontists will help you keep a clean and healthy mouth for life by catching signs of gum disease early on and taking preventive action.

Repair damage caused by gum disease

For your smile, maintain a solid and secure base.

Gum disease is infamous for causing severe oral health problems. The illness kills gum tissue and eats away at the bone that supports your teeth. You can encounter loose and damaged teeth or a failing implant when left untreated. You can may absolutely lose your tooth.

Our periodontists are here to help if you’re suffering from gum disease. To successfully recreate healthy tissue and bone around your teeth and save your smile, we provide Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR).

Routine cleaning vs. Deep cleaning

Routine cleaning-Recommended for those with no history of gum disease every 6 months. This routine procedure removes plaque and tartar buildup around and between your teeth and slightly under your gum line.Deep cleaning-necessary when bacteria spread further than your gum line, creating a deep gap (called pockets) between the teeth and gums. These pockets are a sign of gum disease and action should be taken to remove them as soon as possible.
The secret to keeping your teeth and gums safe is daily brushing, flossing, and frequent cleanings.Your periodontist will scale and plane your teeth deeper under the gumline with a deep cleaning to remove bacteria and remove buildup and give pockets the opportunity to heal and reattach.

Am I supposed to need periodontal scaling?

When bacteria have become so widespread, deep cleaning is important that it cannot be removed using at-home and regular dental cleaning procedures.

In fact, when a deep cleaning is required, performing a routine cleaning is counter-productive and risks disrupting and releasing built-up bacteria into your bloodstream.

We would most likely suggest a treatment for periodontal scaling and root preparation if you have …

Extensive buildup of plaque and tartar

4-5 millimeter bacteria pockets

Additional symptoms of gum disease

In addition, a scaling and root preparation technique is also used as a preventive measure instead of regular cleanings if you have a history of gum disease.

What to expect from a procedure for scaling & root planning

To numb your gums and ensure your comfort, we’ll use a local anaesthesia.

We can clean the surface and roots of your teeth using high-tech scaling & root planning instruments, extracting the plaque and tartar that have been accumulated.

After scaling and root preparation, patients sometimes feel some soreness or sensitivity around the gums. Normally, this pain subsides in about four hours.

We can recommend completing your deep cleaning over the course of two or more visits, depending on your requirements.

Our team is renowned for delivering incredible quality and a convenient, modern office setting. As periodontists, we have the best place to get deep teeth cleaning in Bandra. You should expect that here:

  • Highly trained practitioners who specialize in periodontal disease
  • Explanation of what exactly to expect during your SRP procedure
  • Personalized plan and answers to all your questions
  • Welcoming and polite workers to ensure that you are happy

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