Wisdom Teeth Removal

Painless Wisdom tooth removal in Bandra,Mumbai

Pressure in the jaw? Teeth crowded?

The solution may be a wisdom tooth extraction.

Our physicians are known for their gentle and personalized approach to removing wisdom teeth in Midtown Atlanta and Roswell.

We have the expertise to conduct safe, efficient extractions, whether you need a quick wisdom tooth removal or have more sophisticated requirements. To learn more, contact us

Is it appropriate to extract wisdom teeth?

One or more wisdom teeth are still present in over 20 percent of adults. Sadly, wisdom teeth, particularly as you age, are notorious for causing discomfort, soreness, crowding, and other problems.

At our office, we decide on a case-by – case basis whether or not wisdom teeth should be removed. A wait-and-see strategy is perfect sometimes, and you’ll never have problems. To avoid crowding, effects, deterioration, and illness, we can also suggest removing your wisdom teeth.

Taking a customized approach, we will determine the need for extraction of a wisdom tooth and help you understand our results. We can refer you to an oral surgeon to ensure the best outcome if you are facing a complicated situation, such as badly damaged wisdom teeth.

To ensure your ease, sedation

We are the preferred choice for wisdom teeth extractions in Bandra East and Bandra West, thanks to high-tech equipment, various sedation choices, and attention to your comfort.

Our sedation options include:

  • Oral sedatives
  • Nitrous oxide
  • IV sedation
  • General anesthesia

Frequently asked questions about wisdom teeth extraction

Are you sedated during the removal of the Wisdom Teeth?

You do not need or want to be thoroughly sedated for easy extractions of wisdom teeth. If the wisdom teeth have been damaged, heavier sedation, such as general anesthesia, may be suggested. We’ll help you understand exactly what to expect, and your needs will be answered.

Is removal of the wisdom tooth painful?

When your wisdom teeth are removed, we will make sure you do not feel any pain. We want you to feel relaxed and make sure you’re numb or sedated properly. You may feel some soreness after the procedure as your mouth recovers from the extraction. We will have guidance for at-home treatment to alleviate pain and will check in on you to ensure you’re doing okay!

For wisdom teeth, how many days off do you need?

For wisdom teeth recovery, we usually recommend setting aside three days. Every person is different, so you may not need many of them, or you may want more. After the treatment, we also recommend not spitting and going on a liquid diet for at least 10 days.

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