How to find the right Dentist

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What Traits should a dentist have when you are considering to get treated by him/her.

It takes an introduction to the different fields of dentistry to find a new dentist ideally qualified to fulfil your unique dental needs. The more you understand the distinctions between the dental industries, the more you will be successful in your quest.

Generally, with a family or general dentist, the best place to begin is. To diagnose dental problems and oral disorders, establish recovery plans and offer such services, a general dentist is approved. General dentists can refer you to a more specialist practitioner (such as an orthodontist or prosthodontist) when appropriate. Either DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) are appointed eligible dentists.

During a procedure, a dental assistant may assist in setting up anesthesia, exposing and developing radiographs, or performing other general tasks.

12 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dentist

Find out how long in service the procedure has been.

  • Ask about the extent of the preparation and clinical expertise of the dentist in conducting the particular procedure that you should need.
  • If such treatments are not done by the dentist, inquire about his or her referral process.
  • Identify all the procedure choices that will fix your cosmetic dental dilemma before you commit yourself to a dentist. Ask about each option’s pros and cons.
  • Ask about the kinds of specialized dental organizations in which the dentist takes part. To keep them up-to – date on the latest treatments and technical developments in the profession, some societies encourage dentists to take continuing education courses.
  • Ask about the kind of emergency treatment given. Is the dentist accessible after hours and on weekends, for example?
  • Ask about patient comforts, such as nitrous oxide or pre-medication, and amenities such as music or heating pads.
  • Ask for patient comforts, such as nitrous oxide or pre-medication, and services such as music or heating pads.
  • Inquire about the use of dental lasers, such as tooth grinding and scalpels, as an alternative to conventional dental instruments.
  • Ask to see before-and-after images of former patients if your needs include cosmetic dentistry procedures. Bring a snapshot of the result you would like to see or an image of yourself to help set a realistic standard for the results of your treatment before the need for cosmetic dentistry.
  • Until surgery, assess the dental costs. Procedure costs, anesthesia costs, and service fees should be included in dental cost totals.
  • Is there a doctor nearby? If your procedures require regular or multiple visits, this may be important.
  • Is the dental staff courteous and friendly? If you don’t feel comfortable with his staff, you may not want to see a dentist in the long term.


Meet our Clinical Head of Bliss Skin and Dental Polyclinic MDS Orthodontist

Dr. Farhan Parkar

Dr. Farhan Parkar is a mentor and a leader at Bliss Skin Dental Polyclinic. Dr. Parkar is a dynamic orthodontist with over ten years of experience and an affable personality. Doctor Farhan earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the prestigious Maharashtra University. He completed a three-year orthodontic specialty training residency at Manipal University after graduating from dental school (The no. 1 Dental College in India).

In addition to receiving extensive training in all aspects of orthodontics, he treated complicated cases such as the cleft palate and orthognathic surgical cases that required input from other dental disciplines.

He is at ease working on patients as young as eight years old and as old as eighty years old! He participates in continuing education programmes because he believes that staying up to date on the latest techniques should be the practice’s motto. He is an INVISALIGN certified provider who is well-versed in the various aesthetic braces options. He has completed over 500 orthodontic cases both nationally and internationally in the STATE OF KUWAIT.

He has also written a book on the subject titled “Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Orthodontics: Science and Applications” (dated 2013). He also published numerous articles in prestigious journals all over the world.

Some of his incredible results

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