Bridal Packages

Pre Wedding Bridal treatment


It’s the once-in-a-lifetime moment when you’ve got to look at your most beautiful and radiant best. And with that, no bride wants to take risks. And since weddings mean heavy make-up, non-stop food, alcohol and late nights for many days, it’s best to start a skin regimen as quickly as possible.

Walking into skin clinics will help give you near perfect results long before D-day.

At least 6 months before the wedding, skin treatments for brides and their families should be scheduled. Based on their skin concerns, time schedule and preferences, one can choose between 6, 4- or 2-month packages.


  1. Whitening Treatment
  2. Glow Facials
  3. Dark Circle Reduction
  4. Skin Tightening
  5. Inch Loss/ Slimming
  6. Body Whitening
  7. Teeth Whitening
  8. Smile Designing
  9. Bad Breath Treatment

A guide on how to dress for the Great Day

Remember- In order to get the ideal glow, our signature facials can be performed at any time.

Before you visit us, make a list of all your skin issues and expectations.

Bear in mind that skin treatments are a joint process between you and your skin. For optimal outcomes, scheduled appointments must be preserved.

We will start with a customized consultation and a skin examination at Bliss Skin and Dental Clinic, Mumbai. A home care plan is debated and formulated and appointments are arranged to track outcomes every 4-6 weeks. Acne, dermatitis, pigmentation, dark circles, tanned skin, and all other medical skin disorders are part of the consultation. The concerns that can be resolved with various therapies are the following: medical skin conditions. The following are the problems that can be tackled with different treatments

Body and facial hair – Painless Laser Hair Removal

Acne scar, rejuvenation, age spots/sun spots – Derma roller, Mesotherapy

Removal of any skin growth from the body – RF Growth Removal

Inch loss and body shaping – Body Slimming Treatment, Accent Ultra Body Contouring

Check for internal nutritious deficiencies and formulate a diet plan

Dandruff, dry lusterless hair and hair fall – Hair Loss treatment

of course for any Dental Treatment we have state of the art facilities and even invisible braces from Envisaging.


As each bride is different and each has distinct concerns, a customized plan is made. The one stop destination for all bridal beauty and slimming solutions is the Bliss Skin and Dental Clinic. On wedding day, we understand the need to look spectacular. We have treated countless brides, and on the most important day of their lives, they looked best there.

The kind of skin problem you face will assist you in selecting the right skin clinic. There are several skin, hair and dental clinics in Mumbai and each clinic is dedicated to a specific treatment. It is always necessary to undergo skin treatment after consulting a skin specialist. An MD dermatologist and an MDS Orthodontist are at the helm of Bliss, so we have the best of both worlds. For all the skin, hair and dental issues associated with it, we have non-surgical therapies. To learn more about our treatments, contact us.

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