Gum Recession

Gum Treatment

What is gum recession?

The loss of tissue in your gum line is a gum recession. A typical symptom of periodontal disease is this. The normal ageing mechanism or abrasive brushing and flossing practices may also be related to it.

Tooth sensitivity and discomfort, teeth that look longer than they used to, and loose teeth are typical symptoms of gum recession. Left untreated, tooth loss can be the ultimate result.

There is a highly treatable gum recession. A professional deep cleaning can often treat mild instances of gum recession. High-tech surgical or non-surgical procedures can recover the gums and wellbeing in more advanced cases.


Soft Tissue Augmentation (Gum Graft)


Soft tissue augmentation, also known as gum grafting, is a traditional and efficient technique for treating receding gums.

In order to cover exposed root surfaces and repair the gum line, this process involves using donor tissue or soft tissue from your palate.

To ensure your gum graft operation is safe and effective, we provide sedation dentistry options. In about two weeks, your mouth should feel back to normal.


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