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Smile Designing Before your perfect Wedding Day

You wear an ornate white gown, your hair is in a fancy updo, and as you look into your beloved ‘s eyes, you’re carrying a bouquet of roses fit for a queen. It’s exactly the way you always thought your wedding day would be.

You panic. Then the photographer says, “smile.” Scared that the seismic void between your front two teeth or your colourless, imperfect smile will forever mar the pictures of your wedding day, which should be the best day of your life.

Your dream wedding does not have to be a nightmare. The smile of your dreams is beyond your grasp for your wedding day, from modern whitening methods to porcelain veneers and other restorative dental work.

If you think your smile would make you aware of yourself, then your marriage is the right excuse for a smile makeover, “says Dr. Farhan, orthodontist at Bliss Dental Clinic in Bandra, the founder of Bliss Dentistry in Mumbai, adding,” Consider having an initial consultation when you get involved with a cosmetic dentist, “advises Dr. Farhan.” “There is no leeway if you do it too close to your wedding day and something goes wrong,” our dental experts further adds, “You just want to start cosmetic dental procedures with as much time as you can to make sure it’s done correctly and give yourself time to relax and get used to your new smile.”

Regardless of what’s wrong with your smile, by your wedding day, there’s likely something a cosmetic dentist will do to improve it, including:


Whiter Wedding Smile


“People still want a brighter smile, so before weddings, teeth whitening is something we see a whole lot of,” Dr. Farhan says. Today, he notes, there are several stages of tooth whitening available. The darker your teeth are, “he says,” the more support they need. “If you have nice straight white teeth, and generally like the colour, then whitening strips are fine over-the-counter because they give you that extra little whitening,” he says. But if you have noticeable discoloration or discoloration on the sides of your teeth, it is possible that these strips will not be enough.


Says Dr. Farhan. “Laser whitening might be your best choice if your teeth are very dark and you want to whiten them quickly,” she says. For individuals who do not like the thought of wearing mouth trays, laser whitening is always the alternative.


Restorative Dental Treatment Before Wedding

There are also many routes a person can take to restore missing, chipped, cracked or stained teeth, similar to options for whitening teeth.

The first line, usually, is bonding. The quality of teeth that are chipped, missing, cracked, stained or have rooms between them may be enhanced by bonding. With bonding, tooth-colored compounds on the surface of the tooth are added or bonded. “Typically, cosmetic white bonding fills small spaces,” says Dr. Fahan. “This is a simple, non-invasive and conservative procedure that can close space.”

Another popular option for brides and grooms, says Dr. Farhan (Orthodontist), is veneers. These thin, custom-made shells protect the front side of the teeth and can be used to treat chipped or worn, permanently stained, badly formed or slightly crooked gaps between the teeth and the teeth.

If porcelain veneers are not going to do the trick, crowns might be required. A crown is a “leaf” shaped like a tooth, which is positioned over a tooth. Crowns can restore the shape, size and strength of a tooth and/or enhance its appearance. The visible part of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line is hidden by crowns.


Smile Designing and tooth contouring before Wedding


Via a procedure known as tooth contouring or tooth reshaping, cosmetic dentists may fix minor defects in the form and appearance of a tooth.

Dr. Farhan from the Bliss Dental Clinic says,” It is kind of like brushing your nails. Let ‘s assume that one tooth is longer or pointed or has a chip that needs to be smoothed out, so the teeth will look good with a little cosmetic contouring, without the need for full braces or a crown, “she says.” It’s also not painful. “It’s sort of like when you do your nails, you know there’s something going on, but it doesn’t hurt,” says Dr. Farhan.

“Bring an image of a smile you want for the best results and say,” My teeth are square and they are rounded. I want mine rounded up,’ he says.


Braces Before the Wedding

Yes, you read it right braces before wedding, Braces are not for children only. The train tracks, the heavy silver braces of yesteryear, are gone. Braces are more aesthetically pleasing in their place, sometimes clear or even invisible. Braces may help straighten crooked teeth, decrease crowding, or fill spaces where teeth do not match correctly. While the way braces look has improved with technology, they still don’t work overnight. If you want a perfectly straight smile on your wedding day, start as early as you can.

Make sure your dentist is proficient in cosmetic dentistry regardless of what treatment you want, says Dr. Farhan

To help make the right choice, ask to see pictures of real patients before and after, he says. Furthermore, “ask the dentist to talk to current patients and get a sense of the level of treatment given by the dentist,” he suggests.


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