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What are dentures?


Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that your dentists build to replace missing or removed natural teeth in your mouth. Dentures can either be total or partial, meaning that on either the top or bottom gum line, they can either replace all teeth, or only a few that are missing. They will be custom designed to fit your mouth, and visually matched to your existing teeth, regardless of what kind of dentures you may need.

Complete dentures are used to replace missing teeth for people with no remaining teeth. For individuals who have lost many teeth, they can still be included. The appliance is called a partial or overdenture in this situation.

Gum diseases, tooth decay, or traumatic injury can result in tooth loss. It is really important for missing teeth to be replaced. A shift in remaining teeth, an inability to bite and chew properly, as well as a sagging facial appearance, which makes one appear older than they are, may be the ill effects of not doing so.

Our dentist will examine your gums and supporting bone structure during the first dental visit to evaluate the need for dentures in order to identify the appropriate treatment plan.

Oral surgery is done in some cases to fix bony ridges that may interfere with denture stability. In other situations, before placement, the remaining teeth can need to be removed. When your dentist has determined that dentures are right for you, to locate every ridge and crevice to ensure the best match possible, he will make an impression of the gums.


Why wear dentures?

Not only do dentures enhance the appearance of a smile with several missing teeth, they also preserve the structure of the sound of the mouth by supporting the structures around the cheeks and lips. Dentures also make it possible to consume foods that need chewing, so that your diet can be kept the same and you are well nourished. Finally, dentures are a viable alternative for removing teeth that cause extreme pain and problems with oral health, such as those with rotted roots or serious damage. Getting dentures installed means removing troublesome teeth and replacing them with a powerful and beautiful alternative.


How do you clean your Dentures?

Regardless of what kind of dentures you might have, just like regular teeth, all dentures need to be washed regularly. While artificial teeth are made up of dentures, bacteria, plaque, and tartar still build up on them and can damage existing teeth and gums.

Take them out of your mouth to clean your dentures and run clean water over them to dislodge any food particles that might be trapped between the teeth, along the line of the gum, or under the structure. Then, using a gentle soap or denture cleaner, wash the dentures all over with a denture wash or very soft toothbrush. As these are all too abrasive and can harm and wear away the denture materials, be sure not to use any other cleaners, daily toothpaste, or electric toothbrushes. Make sure to rinse them well after washing.

Be sure to clean your gums and any natural teeth with a very soft and wet toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste if necessary, when your dentures are out of your mouth. Wrap your finger in a damp, gentle washcloth if your toothbrush is too harsh, and gently massage your gums, making sure to cover all surfaces.


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