You are currently viewing Dermal fillers in Mumbai. For improvement of facial aesthetics

Dermal fillers in Mumbai. For improvement of facial aesthetics

We, at Bliss Skin Clinic, are your dermatology experts. At our clinics, we make sure that we have the best skin specialist doctors to guide you through the process and perform your fillers. We are hence a safe and effective choice for Dermal fillers in Mumbai. Transparency in prices is a given with us.
Fillers are semi-permanent (last 6-18 months) gel-like injectables that help add volume and contouring when injected under the skin. Some products are also designed to provide hydration. They are an increasingly popular tool to enhance facial aesthetics due to their properties. Hyaluronic acid injectables are relatively inexpensive compared to surgery. They are not permanent and can also be dissolved if you don’t like them. There is absolutely no downtime involved and you can get fillers done in 30 minutes.
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