Tooth Extractions

Cost of Tooth Extraction

Worried about a tooth that is troublesome?

To maintain your natural smile, we do whatever we can. But when the only choice is to extract a tooth, we make the process simple.

Our doctors are known for their gentle and considerate approach to teeth extractions in Bandra,Mumbai. With the full range of sedation solutions available, your experience will be smooth if you need them.

An extraction may be needed if …

  • Your tooth is undergoing extreme decay.
  • Gum disease has loosened the base of your tooth.
  • Overcrowding of other teeth causes issues
  • Your tooth was damaged due to trauma.


Surgical and common extractions


We’re in the business of teeth-saving. We will determine the need for an extraction and assist you to appreciate our results. We will come to the conclusion together as a team when an extraction is the correct option for you and your wellbeing.

For every form of dental extraction, we are prepared and ready to support you. Including wisdom teeth extractions, we give both surgical and common extractions.

We’ll help you understand why Dr. Farhan Parkar is the preferred choice for tooth extractions in Bandra through high-tech equipment, sedation options, and a gentle touch.

Restoring your teeth after an extraction

It is not only vital for your smile and self-confidence to repair your teeth; it also avoids complications including bone loss in the jaw.

Our doctors offer the rare opportunity to remove a tooth and simultaneously position an implant. Before coming back for a restoration, this advanced procedure saves you from waiting weeks (or months) for the extraction site to heal.

Speak to us to find out if you’re a candidate after a tooth extraction for an immediate implant. In order to find a solution, you’re excited about, we’ll also review other restoration options.


Choices of sedation to guarantee your comfort

There’s no reason to feel anxious about the removal of a tooth. We are renowned for delivering a relaxing atmosphere and provide many choices for sedation to fulfil your needs:

  • Oral sedative drugs
  • Oxide nitrous
  • General anesthesia


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