Dental Sinus Lift

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Boost the implant success with a sinus lift

In successful dental implant surgery, one of the most important factors is providing ample bone where the implant will be mounted.

In order to help the implant, many people who require an implant in their upper jaw have inadequate bone. A sinus lift may be appropriate in this situation. Even after suffering bone loss, this restorative surgical technique helps you to get an implant!

What is a boost for sinuses?

The sinus lift procedure will give you the best chance of a good upper back jaw dental implant.

One of the most difficult places to position an implant is the upper back jaw because it usually has a reduced amount of bone and is very similar to the sinus.

With the maxillary sinuses located nearest to your teeth, the sinus system has many components. Your maxillary sinus membrane is raised upwards during a sinus lift operation to make room for extra bone.

From there, at the location of the molar or premolar teeth, bone is grafted to the upper jaw and allowed time to heal.

Who needs a sinus lift?

When you have an insufficient amount of bone in the upper jaw, our Dentist can prescribe a sinus lift procedure. This involves cases where …

  • Your jaw bone was weakened earlier,
  • Due to gum disease, you have experienced bone loss.
  • Because of tooth loss, your jaw bone has receded (a process known as resorption)
  • Removal of a cyst or tumor from the area
  • You have a small jaw bone or a naturally large sinus cavity

The success of your implant is our top priority

Our Dental Surgeons are proud to deliver an experience that rivals the best in the nation with dental implants. Our team delivers long-lasting results with advanced credentials and years of experience.

Our team will assist if a previous implant fails. We can restore the implant and smile back to health by using interventions such as a sinus lift or bone graft.

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