Invisalign in Bandra,Mumbai

INVISALIGN® Treatment in Bandra

What is Invisalign® (Invisible Braces)

An alternative procedure for straightening the teeth without the need for braces is Invisalign®. To straighten crooked teeth invisibly, the device uses 3D computer imaging technology with a set of transparent removable retainers (known as aligners).

For everyday necessities such as feeding, drinking, brushing, and special occurrences, the aligners can be disabled. No metal wires or bands are available that irritate your mouth and are safe and easy to wear.

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The Process:

Examination: First, an orthodontist examines your teeth and facial profile and tests if Invisalign or traditional braces are appropriate for you. For individuals that do not have extremely crooked teeth, Invisalign® is perfect.

Treatment plan: Our dentists will create a treatment plan specifically for you using the Invisalign® app. Impressions of your teeth, or a scan, are taken to custom-mold a set of transparent, removable aligners for the Invisalign® device that will progressively transfer your teeth to a new smile.

Creation: The aligners are generated by the machine by precision mapping and design.

Wearing: Along with directions, you will receive a set of aligners. In general, you are recommended to turn every two weeks as your teeth shift to a new aligner.

Duration of Treatment: Each series of aligners should be worn day and night, removing them only when you want to feed, brush and floss your teeth. When time goes on, the teeth will move little by little, and your orthodontist will check the progress on a regular basis. Usually, this therapy lasts for about a year, with complicated cases taking about 2 years.

Benefits of Invisalign

Virtually Invisible
The number one explanation why patients are drawn over traditional braces to get an Invisalign aligner is that they are practically invisible.

The aligner is virtually invisible, reusable, convenient, and clean, resulting in less unnecessary plaque build-up and less chance of gum disease and decay.

Comfortable Convenience
The smooth plastic surface of Invisalign causes no irritation around the lining of the mouth. As with conventional braces, more emergencies, such as a poking wire/broken bracket, may be encountered, which can be very painful. Brackets may also press against the side of your mouth initially, causing pain, discomfort, and even open sores. Also, Invisalign is free from BPA.

Removable and cleaner-friendly
The chance of leftover food trapped somewhere in your teeth is still present with fixed brackets and wires.

This is not a concern, however, for patients opting to wear Invisalign aligners. As the aligners can be removed, oral hygiene is easier to maintain, resulting in less build-up of unnecessary plaque and less chance of decay and gum disease. Another advantage of having removable aligners is that whatever you want, you have the capacity to consume.

Invisalign is an excellent method to straighten your teeth and allow you to continue your life without interruption. If you think Invisalign is the right fit for you and would like to get started on your new smile, schedule a consultation now at Bliss Skin and Dental Clinic in Bandra, Mumbai!

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