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Cost of Lip Filler Treatment in Bandra Mumbai

Body proteins are Elastin and collagen. They preserve the elasticity of the skin and tissue firmness. Our body ceases the development of elastin and collagen as we age, and existing body collagen also starts to break down. This results in subcutaneous facial fat loss and skin stretching. Typical symptoms of aging are beginning to emerge, such as sunken cheeks, thick lines, wrinkles, and hollow eyes. The feet and smile lines of Crow often become evident. An unhealthy lifestyle, inheritance, and exposure to the sun are other factors that intensify the symptoms of aging.

Dermal fillers are used to restore facial length, rejuvenate the skin, and to remove facial lines. They’re the least invasive, the least costly, and the least healthy. Only one treatment and you will quickly recover the youthful vitality of your skin.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are cosmetic devices that help to regulate the aging of the skin. They are gel-like injectables that fill the underlying soft tissue and enhance the appearance of sagging, wrinkling, and aging skin. To improve facial contours and pump up lips, they are perfect for filling facial lines or creases. They deliver a subtle look that can be customized to suit your cosmetic requirements.

What To Expect when getting Lip Fillers?

For 1-2 days, the affected zone can feel tender. Redness, swelling, scratching and bruising, especially in sensitive individuals, can also occur. Pain is normally tolerable, and there is no need for treatment. A noticeable bump can develop in the treated area. To set the bump down, massage the affected area gently. The side effects are temporary, and after a few days, they vanish. If, after three days, the symptoms do not go away, call your surgeon. The dermal filler result is immediate, but depending on the form of filler, it only lasts for around six months to 2 years. Also, the result depends on the injector’s qualification and experience.

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