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dark circle removal in mumbai

Undereye Darkcircle Treatment in Bandra, Mumbai

Undereye Darkcircle Treatment in Bandra, Mumbai

Broken blood vessels under the eyelids generate dark circles under the eyes. Under the eye, a bag-like shape emerges, with a shadow forming beneath it, giving the appearance of dark circles. Dark circles should be removed as soon as possible since they can make you look weary or fatigued all of the time, even if you are not, and they can also make you look older than you are. Dark circles can interfere with both your business and personal life, therefore getting rid of them is vital.


The primary cause of dark circles is a decrease in the stability and strength of the blood vessels beneath the eyelid. Conditions that induce puffy or swollen eyelids, such as fluid imbalance or local edoema, can create shadows, making the region under the eyes appear darker. However, several other variables can contribute to the appearance of dark circles. Fatigue, vitamin insufficiency, hyperpigmentation, allergies, medical disorders, and even natural aging can all contribute to dark circles. Dark circles can also be caused or contributed to by heredity.


Is There a Medical Treatment for Dark Circle Removal?

Fillers for injection

Fillers injected into the lower lids will undoubtedly aid in volume loss and the appearance of age-related dark circles. Fillers can also be used to treat hyperpigmentation, which is commonly accompanied by dark circles.


Fillers are injected into the lower lids in the clinic using a topical anesthetic lotion. The treatment can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, and patients are usually able to return home without complications. Swelling normally begins in the evening or the next day, and the majority of the swelling and bleeding, if any, resolves within a few days.

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