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Say goodbye to Dark Lips with Lip Enhancing Laser Treatment Bliss Skin Clinic at Bandra in Mumbai


Say Good-Bye to lipstick. Get incredible Pink and Red Lips (Depending on your lips natural colour), At Bliss Skin and Dental Clinic.

When we look in the mirror, the fine lines and deep creases around our mouth are among the ones we begin to notice first. They’re also among the ones that other people are most likely to notice. That’s because people tend to watch our mouth as we speak. The fact is, no matter what you do, the skin around your mouth is subject to both dynamic wrinkles and fine lines. Dynamic wrinkles are created by repeated muscle action every time you smile or purse your lips, and fine lines appear as collagen and elastin break down as the years go by and we simply succumb to the unfortunate ageing process.

Dermal Fillers are popular to lift up fine lines and wrinkles around your lips from underneath. Dermal fillers support surface tissues by providing a strong, smooth foundation so that skin can rest flat once again. See Dermal Fillers for more information.

Anti Wrinkle Injections can also be used to help prevent dynamic wrinkles around your mouth from deepening with each facial movement. You’ll still be able to smile and laugh and you’ll still look like yourself, just younger and fresher. See Anti-Wrinkle Injections for more information.

Active-Deep FX Laser Resurfacing is the latest approach to improving skin, complexion, texture, tone, acne scars and wrinkles using fractional resurfacing and can be used soften deep lipstick lines including lines around the mouth and can also be used in combination with dermal fillers for optimal results. See Laser Resurfacing for more information.

TCA Chemical Peels act to remove the dead dull skin and restore the skin’s fresh healthy surface by promoting deep enhancement and can be used in combination with dermal fillers. See TCA Chemical Peels for more information.

Lip Enhancement

Many of us long for fuller lips. As we age, our lips start to get thinner and lose their definition, you may have noticed fine lines forming around your lips and at the corners. A more defined lip line or fuller lips can be achieved at The Laser and Skin Clinic using hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers to give you the lip line and shape you desire.

HA dermal fillers are not only effective, they’re safe, non-invasive and virtually pain free due to the recent addition of a numbing agent to the filler product. We use natural dermal fillers like Belotero to fill out the lines around the mouth and produce a fuller lip.

The results can last between 4-6 months. The product will dissolve away naturally afterwards, leaving your lip the same as it was prior to the treatment.

We advise against any permanent products as we feel the results achieved with natural non-permanent products are better, and also are able to adapt as your face changes. At The Laser and Skin Clinic we want to give you the best natural-looking results as safely as possible. See Lip Fillers treatment for more information.

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