You are currently viewing Discover the Best Dermatologist in Bandra:Dr Afsha Haji of BlissSkin Clinic
Experience expert dermatological care with Dr. Afsha Haji at Bliss Skin Clinic in Bandra.

Discover the Best Dermatologist in Bandra:Dr Afsha Haji of BlissSkin Clinic

Discover the Best Dermatologist in Bandra: Dr. Afsha Haji of Bliss Skin Clinic

Are you in search of an experienced dermatologist that can address all your skin and hair concerns with care and expertise? Look no further than Dr. Afsha Haji, co-founder of Bliss Skin and Dental Polyclinic in Bandra. With her vast experience, commitment to continuous learning, and compassionate approach she has established herself as one of the premier dermatologists in Bandra.

Introduce Dr. Afsha Haji: Dr. Afsha Haji, as a Diplomate of Aesthetic Medicine and co-founder of Bliss Skin and Dental Polyclinic, is widely respected as a renowned expert in dermatology. As head of Bliss Clinic’s Skin & Hair Department, she brings an abundance of knowledge and practical experience to each of the patients she treats.

Dr. Haji’s journey in dermatology started after graduating from Maharashtra College of Health Sciences with a specialization in aesthetic medicine. From there she established a private clinic in Mahim where she collaborated with Dr. Naseem Qureshi. For over five years now she has sharpened her skills, gained valuable insights, and proven herself devoted to providing exceptional care.

Dr. Haji is globally recognized for her expertise, having gained recognition through working and training in Kuwait. Patients travel far and wide to seek her services – which speaks volumes about her skills and reputation. Her friendly demeanor creates a comfortable space in which patients can openly discuss any skin or derma concerns they have – many female patients in particular are drawn to her due to her understanding and empathic approach.

Areas of Specialization:
Dr. Afsha Haji has an impressive range of expertise, specializing in laser treatments for everything from hair removal and acne/pimple treatments to scar removal and anti-aging plans that make patients proud of their refreshed appearances. She provides these services through various treatment modalities including hair, acne/pimple treatment, and scar removal laser therapies as well as creating personalized plans designed to rejuvenate her patients’ skin while emphasizing natural beauty while leaving them delighted by their renewed appearances.

Dr. Haji embraces continuous learning to ensure her patients receive only the highest standard of care, attending conferences and educational events both nationally and internationally to stay at the cutting edge. With her dedication to innovation, while remaining grounded in proven methodologies, her practice features cutting-edge treatment approaches while remaining grounded.

Dr. Afsha Haji is unquestionably one of Bandra’s premier dermatologists. With impressive credentials, compassionate service, and commitment to keeping up with dermatology’s most cutting-edge trends, she has earned herself a place as one of the premier experts in her field. If you are seeking top-tier dermatological care in Bandra then Dr Haji should undoubtedly be top of your list; your journey towards healthier skin starts here! Contact Bliss Skin Clinic now for your consultation appointment and start your journey towards healthier more radiant skin today!

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