You are currently viewing Acne Scar Treatment in Bandra, Mumbai at Bliss Skin Clinic
Acne Scar Treatment in Bandra, Mumbai

Acne Scar Treatment in Bandra, Mumbai at Bliss Skin Clinic

Acne Scar Treatment in Bandra, Mumbai at Bliss Skin Clinic

Even the most prestigious physicians are unable to provide a permanent solution for acne scars. This is due to a lack of knowledge about the different types of acne, their causes, and specific skin conditions.

We have a breakthrough discovery for the removal of acne scars by the best dermatologists at Bliss Skin Clinic that can help you not only get rid of acne scars from anywhere on your body but also combat the post-acne effects, depending on the severity of your problem. We use technological advancements in our treatments to safely redress your skin, restore youth, save time, and save money.

Contact your Best Skin Doctor, Dr. Afsha, who specialises in Acne Scar Treatment, Pimple Treatment, Youth Restoration, laser resurfacing, Acne Scar Removal, and other cosmetic treatments.


For the best acne scar treatment in Bandra West, Mumbai, schedule a consultation.

Acne scars are a very common skin disease that affects almost everyone at some point. Inflamed blemishes appear on the skin when the pores become clogged with excess oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells, resulting in acne scars.


The length of time it takes for this scar to heal is determined by how deep the break is. If the scar is shallow, it will heal quickly. However, in the case of a deep break, bacteria from the infected area damage the surrounding tissue, exacerbating the scar. Though the scar is naturally healed by the skin producing collagen fibers, the new skin will not be as smooth and flawless as your old skin.

Acne scars are completely treatable, and there are a variety of medical treatments available to help you get rid of those unsightly blemishes. To remove scars, dermatologists frequently prescribe laser treatments, minor skin surgeries, and chemical pills. Because the ability to form collagen decreases with age, this problem is more noticeable on the skin of the elderly.

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