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Smile Design Treatment By Orthodontist in Bandra

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Because of our careful diagnosis, detailed treatment plans, and use of well-established evidence-based methods, techniques, instruments, and materials, our patients at Bliss Skin and Dental Clinic in Bandra have had an exceptional level of success with their treatments since 2010.

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Bliss Skin and Dental Clinic, founded by Dr. Farhaan and Dr. Afsha, is the preferred dental treatment center for thousands of people locally and globally.
Welcome to Bliss Skin and Dental Clinic, a dental practice where every patient (or “guest,” as we like to call them) receives high-quality, individualized dental treatments and advice delivered with great care and compassion.
Our decades of experience benefit our patients. We can provide our patients with treatment and oral health advice for long-term good dental health because we have over ten years of clinical experience and hundreds of hours of Continuing Dental Education. Every single treatment, no matter how minor, is performed by one of our main Dentists or a specialist.
There are no junior, under-trained, or associate dentists at Bliss Skin and Dental Clinic in Bandra, ensuring that every patient receives the benefit of experience and expertise in every procedure.
The doctor evaluates signs and symptoms, assesses contributing factors, and discusses any diagnosis before beginning treatment. The treatment is explained to the patient so that they are aware of their dental condition, can make informed treatment decisions, and share responsibility for the treatment’s long-term success.
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