You are currently viewing Single Day Dental Implant Treatment in Bandra,Mumbai
Single Day Dental Implant Treatment in Bandra,Mumbai

Single Day Dental Implant Treatment in Bandra,Mumbai

Single-Day Dental Implant Treatment in Bandra

One of the most durable ways to replace decayed or missing teeth with an artificial object that feels and looks just like a natural tooth is with a dental implant.

For one implant, our procedure takes less than 30 minutes. We need 1-2 hours for a difficult surgery. The procedure is done without feeling anything because local anesthesia is used. Our Dental professionals check for various tooth-related conditions such as gum disease, cavities, root canals, etc. before performing implant surgery.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Why should you choose dental implant overdentures or dental bridges, among other options? These are its advantages:

  • It is a permanent solution for your teeth loss.
  • No food restrictions after treatment.
  • Feel the comfort of your regular teeth.
  • Dental implants stimulate bone growth.
  • Enhance youthful appearance.
  • Fills the gap between teeth.

Cost of Tooth Implant Treatment

At the Bliss Dental Clinic in Bandra, we strive to offer dental implants of the highest caliber from a reputable manufacturer. Prior to choosing, it is always a good idea to understand the cost of dental implants. Dental implants are available from us for about $25,000.00. For your information, prices vary depending on a variety of criteria, including the number of implants needed, where the tooth will be placed, and whether or not bone grafting will be necessary. During your appointment, our implantologist provides you with the ideal pricing estimate.

We Offer Fast & Reliable Dental Health Care Solutions to Our Patients

A wide range of dental services, including basic diagnosis, standard dental operations, and whole mouth rehabilitation, are offered at the Bliss Skin Dental Clinic in Bandra, Mumbai.

Aesthetic Smiles offers the most up-to-date facilities for dental procedures like dental implants in Bandra, Mumbai, single-session root canal therapy, laser teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, smile makeovers with porcelain veneers, etc., while maintaining the standards of a top dental clinic in Mumbai.

A talented and knowledgeable group of dentists provide all specialist treatments.

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