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Hydrafacial Clinic in Mumbai

Hydrafacial in Clinic for Skin Rejuvenation in Bandra,Mumbai

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One of the most popular in-office facial treatments right now is the HydraFacial. One is performed every 15 seconds around the world because it is so popular.

Does a HydraFacial really work?

The treatment has become the go-to facial for celebrities, coworkers, and Facebook friends from high school because it addresses many of the most common skincare concerns, such as dryness and signs of aging, with little to no side effects.

HydraFacial is a medical-grade resurfacing treatment that cleans and hydrates your skin while clearing your pores.

What Are the benefits of a hydrafacial?

A HyraFacial can help your skin in a variety of ways. It has numerous advantages, including a hydrated, bright, plump, and clear complexion. It can also help to reduce the signs of aging. Dr. Afsha Haji explains, “The treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases firmness, evens tone, texture, and brown spots, and reduces enlarged pores.”

Hydrafacial steps

  • Step 1. Cleanse
  • Step 2. Hydra cleanse laser, Removes dead skin,Dirt, Unclogs pores
  • Step 3. Vitamin c and glow cell infusion with jet
  • Step 4. Microcurrent to increase collagen and increase blood circulation
  • Step 5. Mesotherapy with a radio-frequency laser to infuse skin soul rejuvenation cocktail deep into the skin – increases glow. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Step 6. Cold probe to close all the pores and seal all the meso cocktail infused deep into the skin
  • Step 7. Relaxing massage – pampers skin
  • Step 8. Laser mask – antiaging and collagen-building
  • Step 9. Detan mask
  • Step 10. Serum with moisturizer
  • Step 11. Sunscreen

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