Facts about Dental Retainer explained by Dentist in Bandra


Thinking of getting dental retainers to straighten your teeth and make your smile even better? Well here are some facts you should know before you go for braces or dental retainers.

Retainers are custom devices designed to hold your teeth in place. They’re often prescribed after orthodontic treatment, such as braces, to keep your bite in place after it’s been reshaped or corrected.

For most people, braces are the safest and most effective way to permanently straighten their teeth. If your teeth are only slightly crooked or just a bit crowded, and orthodontist-prescribed retainer may be enough to get them straight. You shouldn’t attempt to straighten your teeth by yourself.

Just like anything else, eventually, the retainer will have to be replaced for typical wear and tear. But if handled properly, retainers should last for at least 2 years if not longer.

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