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Close-up of a mouth showing a missing tooth and a red, swollen area where a dental implant failed

Choosing the Right Specialist for Correcting Dental Implant Failure

Choosing the Right Specialist for Correcting Dental Implant Failure

In the dental profession, introduction of dental implants has brought about a total change and a long live response with regards to missing teeth that looks like real one. However, there are instances that dental implant treatment can have complications after it fails. Therefore, in relation to an unsuccessful implant procedure, it is vital to choose wisely a specialist who will address it in order to avoid further issues.

What Does It Mean When Implant Treatment Fails?

Failure of implant dentistry is determined by lack of osseointegration or any other problem causing loss of the installed implant. This may be due to bacterial colonization around the implants leading to infections or poor bone quality and others.

Some common signs and symptoms of a failing dental implant include:

  • Continuous pain or discomfort around the implant
  • Gum tissue swelling or redness
  • Bleeding or pus surrounding the implants
  • Implant loss as well as loosening of its attached prostheses (bridges, crowns and dentures)
  • Loss of bone tissue about the implanted area

Several factors can contribute to dental implant failure, including:

  1. Bacteria may collect around the implant leading to peri-implantitis which is gum disease involving tissues encircling an implanted object.
  2. The quality and quantity of available bones can make it difficult for integration by implants.
  3. Incorrect positioning of the implant can lead to complications and an increased risk of failure as a result of improper placement.
  4. There is also smoking which impairs healing, increases the risk of infection and results in implant failure.
  5. Moreover, if diabetes is not controlled well, it may hinder body healing capacities and enhance chances for infection.

To avoid the potential for later implant fractures, it is advisable to opt for an authorised dental plan surgeon; also consider sound oral care practices and ensure you get regular check-ups at your dentist’s. Moreover, treatment of other illnesses such as diabetes or periodontal diseases boosts victory rates in dental implant therapy.

Understanding why dental implants fail and selecting the right practitioner to rectify them may result in successful outcomes with benefits such as normal functioning teeth with a beautiful smile.

Implant failure happens when the bone does not completely fuse with it or there are problems that can lead to its complete loss and this is due to factors like infection, poor bone quality or non-ideal alignment of titanium root.

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