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Black Head Removal Treatment in Bandra,Mumbai


Black Head Extractions are what amazes my clients the most 🤩 the nose blackheads are usually very stubborn and could be painful if tried to remove at home. We At Bliss Skin Dental Clinic in Bandra, Mumbai make sure we perform even this small procedure properly and efficiently to give you a glow on your face like never before and make sure those pesky blackheads don’t come back.

What Are Blackheads On Nose?

Blackheads are tiny, dark bumps on the skin that occur when hair follicle openings get clogged. In areas like the nose (the most common), back, shoulders and chest, these are prominently present. Blackheads lead to acne formation and arise when the pores get stuck in dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum. Because of the oxidization of the melanin pigment found in the skin and not trapped dirt, they look black or dark in color. The clogged pores cause the formation of pimples that lead to an acne breakout if blackheads are not treated in time.

Over the years, skincare has improved very dramatically. With new developments being part of the world of beauty, choosing a treatment that’s right for you can be very confusing. Even our traditional facial without a dermal consultation is no longer a safe bet. If it’s your regular skincare appointment or a special one for a major occasion, the choice is always to go for facial treatment.

Blackheads are speckles of dark pigment that occur usually on the face and nose. They are a mild form of acne that may have an effect on your skin. You can easily remove blackheads, however, or even prevent their formation. Contact us now to remove the blackheads by tomorrow

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